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Watch directly Happy Good (Girl) Friday Slick Woods by Phil Poynter 2017

Watch directly  Happy Good (Girl) Friday Slick Woods by Phil Poynter 2017

Happy Good (Girl) Friday! Slick

Happy Good (Girl) Friday! Slick

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Slick Woods

Director Phil Poynter

Fashion Editor Sally Lyndley

Make-Up Virginia Young

Hair Ben Skervin

Manicure Kelly B

Casting Director Anita Bitton for Establishment

The Mill

Executive Producer Sallyann Houghton

Live action producer Tia Perkins

DP/ Camera Operator Adam Carboni

1st AC Michael Girandola

The Mill | Post Production

Producer Katya Pavlova

Editor Rachel Greco

Art Director Pierce Gibson

Photographic Assistance Sean O’Neil, Jimi Franklin

Fashion Assistance Julia Wysocka, Jared Martell

Digital Technician Ward Price

Slick wears: DSquared, Zana Bayne, Stetson, Belstaff, Chaos and Stance

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