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watch Stars Smoking Weed in the world 2017

watch Stars Smoking Weed in the world 2017

Watch the pictures today celebrate the stars of smoking in the

Today is 4/20 which means one thing: celebrate that spliff!

The term 4/20 has become synonymous with weed smokers around the world to describe their practice. There’s a tonne of speculation about where the slang term comes from – although apparently the truth lies with five high school students from California, and the term dates back to 1971.

The five were on a hunt to find a massive weed plantation that they’d heard of near their school, a hunt which began with them meeting at 4:20pm. They never found the weed patch, but the term became a code for their then illegal habit. Now in popular use, 4/20 is celebrated globally on April 4th – where weed smokers of the world unite to smoke some weed.

To mark this important date, we decided to collate some iconic images of some iconic people smoking weed

Spliff Woods

Marijuana Cyrus


Rosie Huntington-Weedly

Careefer Delevingne

Lady Ganja

Paris Hilspliff

Mary-Jane-lyn Monroe

Natalie Potman

Krisgreen Stewart


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